Title: Trust Me EP

Artist: Ziplokk
Release-date: 14th November 2017
Catalogue No: SUBAD005
Format: Digital
Mastering: Signalfire


1. Ziplokk – Trust Me
2. Ziplokk – Trust Me (Gnischrew Remix)
3. Ziplokk – Me Nah Play

Exclusively available at Bandcamp

Press release:

Sourcing the next intense array of musical armaments from the German underground – Ziplokk, who’s always had and continues to have a firm grasp on ‘proper’ Dubstep has endowed us with this next release. Among others, he’s also released with Gaze ill’s Cue Line Records and Swiss-based Subotage Records, as well as having received support/airplay from J:Kenzo or N-Type on radio stations like Rinse FM. Having lived in Berlin for years, it was time for the producer and DJ to take a break from the hectic day-to-day life and move to the rural North, where his creativity was once again able to flow readily – the result of which we’re proud to present to you, catalogued as ‘SUBAD005’. Fully re-charged, he’s taken a more melodical approach than usual for his massive debut here at Sub AudioRecords.

As industrious pads accompany skanking chords, melodic excellence and foley percussion, ‘Trust Me’ kicks off the EP amidst a pulsating low-end and infectious groove. His versatile, groove-infused drum arrangement keeps us dancing to the beat, left to skank in the sonic ocean Ziplokk has conjured for us here. On the remix duties, label head Gnischrew has treated the tune to a heated version – creatively envisioning it as a two-faced beast. Smooth, soulful chords alternate with distorted sine movements, coming together beautifully within a new-found groove. Completing the release, ‘Me Nah Play’ is here to seal the deal. Ethereal chimes reverberate on top of the energetic drum layout, coming together beautifully on smooth sub oscillations. A signal of sonic resistance, hailing the underground.