Title: Ibogaine EP

Artists: Linguist
Release-date: 4th October 2017
Catalogue No: SUBAD004
Format: Digital
Mastering: Signalfire


1. Linguist – Ibogaine
2. Linguist – One
3. Linguist – Stomper

Exclusively available at Bandcamp

Press release:

Building up momentum throughout its first year in operation, the Austrian imprint Sub Audio is gearing up to unleash another installment in their digital release series, dubbed ‘SUBAD004’. Based in Vienna, the label has made swift moves to recognition within the scene with vinyl releases by label manager Gnischrew or the venerated duo Elefant Doc & Dillard, as well as limited editions on Grime conniseur DMG and Belgian heavyweight Zygos. For its fourth digital release, it is calling upon the sounds of UK-born Linguist, having previously had his debut with SUBAF003 ‘Wardance / Hypnosis’. Titled ‘Ibogaine EP’, we’re met with three prime examples of his devastating dancefloor capabilities, all firmly founded within the realm of Dubstep – uniquely influenced by his original take on old-school tendencies and modern soundscapes.

Thrown into a sonic jungle, the tropic ambience succinctly envelops us in a psychedelic foundation, led on by tribal percussion and mystifying French monologue. Reverberating into a moment of tension, the dancefloor shell unveils its true nature – low frequency madness. In midst of ethnic chants, spheric pads and a plethora of atmospheric foley, the driving rhythm paves its path, fire through and through. Centering ourselves, ‘One’ commences its tensive, melodic approach, preparing keen listeners for the impending sub onslaught. Whether Linguist calls upon fierce strings, ethereal bells or sounds of the future – effortlessly keeping both us and dancefloors around the world moving to his drum beat. Speaking of which, ‘Stomper’ turns up the heat in a grand finale, shoving a ridiculous groove and bass compound into our amplifiers – no holds barred.