Title: Transmission Failure / Fluid Foundation Remix EP

Artists: Various Artists
Release-date: 18th of January 2017
Catalogue No: SUBAD001
Format: Digital
Mastering: Go East! Studios


1. Transmission Failure (DMG Remix)
2. Transmission Failure (Raptix Remix)
3. Transmission Failure (DubApe Remix)
4. Transmission Failure (Linguist Remix)
5. Fluid Foundation (Dubnius Remix)
6. Transmission Failure (Dubblestandart Live Dub Remix)

Exclusively available at Bandcamp

Press release:

A monumental display of Austrian version business, releasing a total of six remixes, based on our debut release SUBA001. All the music was sourced locally for this release – in an effort to support and spotlight the scene’s most talented artists.

Established in late 2016, we’ve already received support by the likes of FatKidOnFireInfernal Sounds and Keep Deep as well as White Label MagazineSeekSickSound and more with our first vinyl by Gnischrew and an array of high-quality giveaways.

Catalogued as ‘SUBAD001’ – the compilation is a stellar display of cohesive material, presented in a stylistically unique amalgamation. Starting off with DMG’s spin on the original – the listener is thrown into a vortex of skillful bassline excursions and a sense of Grime-infused aggression. Following up on his soundsystem-oriented style of delivering weight, Raptix emerges with loose, even playful excellence through his creative take on ‘Transmission Failure’, basking in prodigious space.

DubApe, established Austrian Dubstep producer with releases on FKOF, Bacon Dubs & Mainframe Rec. under his belt – has delivered a gargantuan version, holding true to the original arrangement and showing off his clear proficiency in setting dancefloors on fire around the world. As the only ‘Fluid Foundation’ version – Dubnius’ remix sets a different tone – effortlessly flowing sub movement with a minimalistic, infectious groove. Complementing the otherwise more Dubstep-influenced release, core crew member Linguist’s remix batters the listener’s expectation with a no-holds-barred drum and bass interpretation, akin to the original old school soundscapes.

Concluding this diverse demonstration of Austrian bass music, the renowned studio mastermind behind Dubblestandart took the concept of remixing back to its roots – executing an immaculate live dub mix, aided by a full-size SSL console and his trusty analogue Space-Echo.

With support from the likes of FatKidOnFire, shuOldGoldARtroniksand Sepia among others – this assembly of vibes
is sure to cause a disruption in the scene. Making it known, there is indeed a vibrant and growing scene, transcending national borders, containing a subconscious message of love for bass and unity for all.