Serving as a platform for subculture bass music and sound system culture, Sub Audio Records has been founded by Gnischrew with the vital support of a talented crew in early 2016.  Aiming to support the national scene as well as beyond borders, primarily untethering sounds at roughly 140 beats per minute – The importance of the Jamaican heritage being a vital core. Aligned within the realm of Dub and its relation to electronic music, the musical output weaves a plethora of exploratory styles into one coherent discography.

Among others, support has been received from: Dubstep Blog Austria ∆ FatKidOnFire ∆ FM4 La Boum De Luxe ∆ FrozenDub ∆ Honey & Bass ∆ InDepth Radio ∆ Infernal Sounds ∆ Juno Records ∆ KeepDeep ∆ Magnetic Mag ∆ RobynThinks ∆ SeekSickSound ∆ Subsource Magazine ∆ Take A Step To Dub ∆ White Label Magazine ∆ YourEDM ∆ Trusik