Serving as a platform for the advancement of subculture bass music and sound system culture, Sub Audio Records has been founded by Gnischrew in early 2016.  With a positive approach in mind, the label aims to support both the national scene as well as beyond borders. Primarily untethering sounds at roughly 140 beats per minute, the vital importance of the Jamaican heritage isn’t lost on us. Clearly aligned within the realm of Dub and its relation to electronic music, the musical output weaves a plethora of complementary styles into one coherent discography.

Among others, support has been received from: Trusik ∆ FatKidOnFire ∆ KeepDeep ∆ Dubstep Blog Austria ∆ Infernal Sounds ∆ SeekSickSound ∆ White Label Magazine ∆ Subsource Magazine ∆ RobynThinks ∆ FM4 La Boum De Luxe ∆ YourEDM ∆ Substance Record Store ∆ Juno Records ∆ Magnetic Mag ∆ Take A Step To Dub ∆ Honey & Bass ∆ FrozenDub ∆ InDepth Radio