Title: Inscription

Artist: Moosiqunt
Release-date: 5th April 2018
Catalogue No: SUBAF006
Format: Digital / Free Download
Mastering: Signalfire


1.  Moosiqunt – Inscription

Proudly presenting one of Austria’s very own experimental bass weight wizards – the forward-minded sounds of Moosiqunt have finally reached Sub Audio headquarters. ‘Inscription’ serves ample attitude and excellent foley sampling on a horizon of bass. Sounds to dive into – free for all of you to enjoy, from Vienna with love.


Title: Kong

Artist: Dotworks
Release-date: 12th October 2017
Catalogue No: SUBAF005
Format: Digital / Free Download
Mastering: Signalfire


1.  Dotworks – Kong

Based in Graz, the Austrian producer and DJ Dotworks has been on our radar for a while now and we’re proud to welcome the talented artist to the Sub Audio family with his debut track ‘Kong’. Versed in various styles, ranging from Dungeon sounds to Soul-infused Trip-Hop and Footwork – he’s now presenting a 140 BPM dancefloor fire accelerant, a naughty mixture of technical percussion, excellent flow and clear affinity as a tool for bass music DJ’s. Infused with industrial and experimental flavor, his outing on SUBA leaves nothing to be desired for lovers of Dubstep. As always, thank you for all the support throughout, here’s a free download for you all.


Title: Tip Toe

Artist: Elefant Doc & Dillard
Release-date: 29th June 2017
Catalogue No: SUBAF004
Format: Digital / Free Download
Mastering: Signalfire


1.  Elefant Doc & Dillard – Tip Toe

Celebrating their vinyl release, the formidable duo has blessed us with this sonic festivity of breaks and funk – a delight for lovers of groove. Rhythmic extravaganza down to the melodic core. A joint project of two excellent musicians with successful solo careers. No borders involved within the endeavours of Elefant Doc & Dillard, both based in United States. Enriched with the sonic qualities of Blues and Jazz, the duo conceives of a unique fusion of utmost dubbed out Dubstep, firmly embedded in a sea of mesmerizing, harmonic arrangement and ample breaks.


Title: Wardance / Hypnosis

Artist: Linguist
Release-date: 30th December 2016
Catalogue No: SUBAF003
Format: Digital / Free Download
Mastering: Signalfire


1.  Linguist – Wardance
2. Linguist – Hypnosis

To close off a fantastic label founding year, we’re giving away one more heavyweight. Presenting to you Linguist’s debut EP on Sub Audio Records, catalogued as SUBAF003.

The release is a stellar display of two sides of the same coin, that are his unique musical abilities – heavily influenced by the sounds of his motherland, UK. After his self-released debut album ‘Shapeshifter’ Linguist continues his musical saga at Sub Audio, embracing Austria’s rising imprint.

‘Wardance’ starts off with a haunting soundscape garnering the listener’s attention, swiftly preparing for lift-off. It then proceeds to aggressively asserting its dominance on the dancefloor – pushing all the right buttons to get the crowd moving.

‘Hypnosis’ draws the listener in with a sophisticated rhythmic concoction drowning in meditative bass-weight, reminiscent of the early days of true-to-the-roots Dubstep, reminding us of why we learned to love this genre in the first place.


Title: Sanskrit / Murderation Dub

Artist: Raptix
Release-date: 7th November 2016
Catalogue No: SUBAF002
Format: Digital / Free Download
Mastering: Signalfire


1. Raptix – Sanskrit
2. Raptix – Murderation Dub

With the next installment of SUBAF – exclusive free downloads at Bandcamp – Sub Audio Records continues to fire up the local and international underground bass music landscape with two absolute heavyweights – produced by the newest crew member: Raptix.

A long-time and avid supporter of the scene in Austria, being one of the heads of SHENRON music. Also as a producer he has been stepping up his game immensely in the last year – with releases on his own brand, Dub:iouz and Version Collective under his belt.

The two-sided EP is modern system music in pure form. Sanskrit draws the listener’s attention with eerie flutes and other oriental instrumentation and then turns the dance on fire with a ridiculous groove and incredible weight. Murderation Dub in turn is heavily inspired by the soundscapes of roots culture dub and system music – filled with distorted tape echo trails, spring reverb clashes and dubby chords steadily vibing.


Title: Rise and Shine

Artist: DMG
Release-date: 17th October 2016
Catalogue No: SUBAF001
Format: Digital / Free Download
Mastering: DMG


1. DMG – Rise and Shine

The track titled “Rise’n’Shine” was conceived of by one of our core members: DMG. Having had years of experience with running a sound system and being a seasoned veteran of DJ’ing Grime, Garage and Dubstep, this man knows how to get the crowd going. He managed to condense this into a hefty release – designed for everyone to ‘Get The Fuck Up!’.